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As most of you now know, I am also a doula in my local community. This little page is just some info for you local guys & gals asking more information. Have a blessed day! 

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 Hey there! I’m Haley I am passionate about serving growing families & look at this more from ministry mindset than a business. It brings me great joy to come alongside each family as they welcome their child into the world, and I am humbly honored each time I am invited to do so.
Belly Casting  Now Available 
I’ve been married 11 years. I’m a mom of 3, I’ve struggled with miscarriage & loss, C-sections, & went on to have 2 successful natural Vbacs.
I’ve Nursed, formula fed & pumped. I plan to get my childbirth instructor & breastfeeding consultant certification following my doula training. I’m also knowledgeable in baby wearing & cloth diapering.
As a birth doula, I believe that every baby is a blessing. Whether it is a first baby, or the 10th, whether it is born healthy or with complications, whether it was planned, or a surprise, and whether it is born alive, or straight into Heaven, *every* baby is blessing!
I believe that each family’s decision on how to bring their child into the world is right for them, and fully deserving of support in their decisions. Each woman and her family is unique, and knows how to make the right choice for them when provided with all available options. Every woman has a right to be supported through the birth she desires, whether it be highly medicalized, or completely unhindered.
I believe that information is key to decision making. There is no such thing as a wrong question. Knowing your options and having the power to make the right decision for you is crucial to a positive birth experience. Every mom deserves the best birth experience possible.
I believe that fathers and other family members play a significant role in the childbirth experience.
I believe the female body is perfectly designed by our Creator for carrying, delivering, and nurturing their babies. Yet, since sin entered the world, I believe childbirth is no longer a perfect process and requires intervention in some instances.
Birth Doula Package:
1. At least 2 prenatal appointments
2. Information on the entire birthing process, including nutrition, labor positions, and pain management techniques
3. Assistance and guidance in developing a holistic birth plan.
4. Phone, Text, and E-mail Support 24/7
5. Labor and Delivery support and presence during the entire process, from the first notification of labor to the baby's latch on. 
6. Use of "doula bag" tools, which includes a birthing ball, massage tools, heat pad, etc.
7. Photography and/or video during labor and birth, by request
8. Support and encouragement of partner involvement. 
9. Unbiased support and advocacy to the mother.
10. Postpartum phone call or visit to discuss any issues or concerns, and talk about the birth
11. Complete, experienced VBAC support with various resources to mamas seeking their "healing birth".
12. 24/7 Prayer Team Support through the entire Labor and Delivery, and special needs during pregnancy.
Stand Alone Add-Ons: 
Birth Photography     Breastfeeding Basics Class      Cloth Diapering Class
Belly Casting          Rebozo Classes           Postpartum Doula Care

What does a postpartum doula do?

  • Help parents get some sleep by reducing chaos and creating a calmer environment
  • Help with feeding baby (breast or bottle)
  • Meal preparation for parents (baby isn't the only one who's hungry!)
  • Teach soothing tips to help comfort baby
  • Provide non-judgmental support and a listening ear
  • Encourage parents in their new role

What does a postpartum doula shift look like?

First and foremost, our goal is to address your main concerns during each visit, whatever they may be. 

We'll spend some time at the beginning of each shift chatting with you about how things are going and answering your questions. Then, depending on your family's needs, our postpartum doula shifts can include any of the following:
  • Promoting parent/baby bonding
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Education around postpartum healing, newborn care, and infant sleep safety
  • Caring for baby so parents can nap or shower
  • Meal preparation, meal planning, grocery shopping
  • Light housework, household organization, laundry
  • Helping caregivers adjust to a special/high need baby
  • Helping older siblings adjust to the new baby
  • Cloth diapering basics/set-up
  • Pet care (feeding pets, walking dogs, etc.)
  • Identifying needs for further support or referral
  • Around the clock support, messaging and phone calls.
We help you decide what you need at the time. If it changes then we adjust it as needed.
I currently offer Postpartum Doula services for 2 and 4 hour shifts that can be used anytime before the child's 3 month old birthday. 
2 Hour shift: $50
4 Hour shift: $90 *save $10*
Need more? Need Less? No worries, Just contact me. 


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