Mama....The Corn Is READY!

I'm Finally back & somewhat settled in here at the new house! Sorry for the overload of videos, We've had a lot going on this week but since I've been MIA for a few weeks, I've decided I'd go ahead and post them all now instead of spacing them out. Here's the first video shot at the new place! 
The corn is finally ready here in wnc! So thankful to help little helpers. We have been so busy I wasn't sure if we'd get any out up at all! We here in the south LOVE us some creamed corn. (No actual cream is added.) Enjoy!

Day In The Life - Kid's Dentist, Homeschool Mom Errands,& A Dollar Tree Haul


Finally got around to doing a Day in The Life video! Both the older kids had dentist cleanings (which were all clear) and we had several errands to be ran! Come along with us check out the video below!
Sadly, During the making of this video after we finished filming we went to get our freezer meals at our old house and the freezer had quit working. I am trying to not even think about it and look at the positives from it ( if there is such a thing?!) Prayers are much appreciated! 

The BEST diaper spray guard EVER! | Cloth Diapering

This has to be the best, simplest, cheapest most effective diaper spray guard I've tried! Note: you can find these items at the dollar tree as well. I just found I preferred the trash bin from Walmart better. 
Total cost: $4.36


Freezer Meals & Monthly Plan - July/August

I cant stop. No really i have a problem. I'm obsessed with organizing everything in my life. I promised myself I'd relax with this months meal plan & "Wing-It" with the packing up and moving of my first adult home for the last 11 years. 11 years of "stuff" hidden & coming to surface...yikes! As I was planning a quick weekly meal plan I just couldn't stop. I felt the need to use up what food we have so there's less packing and to do so, I HAD to have a meal plan in place. Now, the next few weeks are very much up in the air. Our closing date could change at anytime, along with packing & moving schedules. With that said, I did manage to get a lot of meals that are easily switched around& lots of slow cooker ready meals. We also tried Frozen bean,cheese,& beef tacos, which were a HUGE hit. Thanks to Jamerill Stewart over at The Encouraging Homeschool mom. We didn't do them exactly like she does I should've went back and watched but I'd had it filed it in my head for a few months now that we should try them again and I'm glad we did. (** update she just posted a new freezer cooking video with them! Awesome!) We also plan on doing a few pb&j uncrustbles for the freezer too. So here's my very thrown together "I'm packing my house and cooking in 100 degree weather" video! Please bare with us the next 2-3 weeks if i go MIA, i'm just moving! Scroll down for a look at our meal plan!


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