Meeting Friends as a Mom + Tips for the NCHE homeschool conference regional meetings

Hey y'all! Well the 2016 NCHE homeschool conference is upon us and here's my latest video where I speak about making mom friends & the regional meetings at the conference! << This Thursday at 9:15pm!
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Freezer Meals for May

My 3 day long freezer meal plan and prep. This didn't turn out like I expected but if you follow my other videos you will know my 9 month old was fighting strep throat and was super clingy that paired with a last minute sale on Chicken and throw in a few new recipes this is what is left! Lol next video I hope to share more of the actual recipes and freezing process. 


Letter of the Week

We've been working on revamping our "Letter of The Week" Curriculum for Riley. Check out we have so far! 
-Links will be posted below- 

 Alphabet Play Dough Mats
Letter Hunt
Others can be found at:
Confessions of a Homeschooler

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