Tiger Butter (aka: Tiger Bark)

I came across a friends post who was visiting family here in NC that had shared a yummy picture of some sort of chocolaty fudgy looking peppermint bark stuff. After stalking the comments I find out its  "Tiger Butter" or as some call it "Tiger Bark". I set out to find an easy recipe (and one I had the ingredients handy for because, being out in the country we have a good drive to the store) I find one that seems simple & call my dear mother in law to find that she has my "missing"  ingredient, Almond Bark. I shew the kids out of the kitchen, mostly because if they are in there I will most definitely scorch my chocolate! But also because sometimes mama just needs to relax & indulge! I decided to add my own twist to the original recipe by chopping up some mini recces cups & mini chocolate chips on top. You could go crazy here whatever you have on hand! Some ideas... M & M's, Snickers, Nuts, (or use crunchy PB) PB chips, Salt, etc. The list could go on & on. 

Melting the chocolate:
I do not have any special directions here except have patience, use a non heat conducting bowl, stir stir stir! Start at 30-45 secs or so and each time decrease the time. I personally can usually do 35 sec stir then 20 sec, stir stir then 8-10 sec. Give it a minute and really stir before microwaving additional time. Also make sure everything you use around it stays dry!!! Even a drop of water will cause it to seize up. (This is also why I recommend microwave over the double boiler method) 

My tray was ready/set after about 15 minutes in the fridge. The Almond Bark sets up pretty quickly when cold. I chopped mine into triangles and let my daughter break some too. Store in an air tight container. We kept ours in the fridge for the most part because we burn wood at night and it can get pretty hot in our kitchen. 

Tiger Butter Bark :
3 ingredients,So easy! 
  • 1 package (20-24 ounces) white almond bark
  • ½ cup peanut butter crunchy or smooth
  • 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips (Milk chocolate will work fine too)
  1. Line a rimmed baking sheet with waxed paper. Set aside
  2. In large mixing bowl, break up almond bark as best you can (or you can just toss the whole thing in). Place bowl in microwave for about one minute. Stir well. Microwave at 30-45 second intervals or shorter, stirring after each, until bark is melted and smooth.
  3. Stir in peanut butter until melted and well blended.
  4. Spread out onto waxed paper lined baking pan.
  5. Place chocolate chips in a small bowl and microwave at 30-45 second intervals or shorter, stirring after each, until smooth and melted.
  6. Drop dollops of chocolate onto peanut butter mixture in pan. Swirl with a knife. **If desired add toppings now**
  7. Place baking sheet in refrigerator until hardened or allow to harden completely at room temp.
  8. Break into pieces and store in an airtight container. 


Organizing & Stuffing Pocket Diapers

Organizing & Stuffing Pocket Diapers with multiple brands.

Lets face it...stuffing is the WORST part of using pocket diapers. This is how i keep up with my multiple brands and what I like in each. 


Changing table set up & organization for Cloth Diapering

Changing table set up & organization for Cloth Diapering 

Click the video below to see my changing table set up and what works for us! 

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Like my mama did.

Yes, a post about breakfast!

This day in age alot of you would look at this plate and turn up your nose. They would see the grease, the butter, the cheese, the lack of color and swear to never touch anything that came close to it. Now I'm not saying this is the healthiest option or even my favorite but it means so much more then a meal to most.

For those of you who don't know Southern cuisine this is a fried egg, cheese toast and buttered grits.

My mama's probably laughing at this because she had to fight me nearly every morning to eat it. I never understood why we had to have the same thing almost everyday.  I never thought how much time she took to get up out of bed before us all and fix everybody a good meal. I never thought that might be all we had or all we could afford.

I never looked at this meal and saw that my mom was trying to give us something special made with love. She probably started with grits & toast (because if was quick & easy) but we needed protein so she would scramble some eggs or fry us one. Then she would add cheese to our toast to make us eat it ( or make us happier to) Sure she could've just gave us cereal, and many days we did.

For me & my kids this is a rare large breakfast for us thru the week. Now as an adult for those of us that do like this kind of food, this meal is a treat to our strict diets & "lifestyle" changes. It's not elaborate or fancy. It's not "Instagram" worthy. But I beg to differ. It's so much more than that to many of us out there. So if your a mama who feeds this to your kids or maybe tgis is what you ate growing up for whatever the reason may be. Share on & be proud! Just like my mama did! 


Minions Goggle's craft

Spent our Tuesday night crafting using the Roku. We found this cool easy craft for minion googles from coolschool and crafty Carol! Find them on Instagram here!

Aren't they cute!


Big Changes!

As you may notice we have had a few big changes, including our name! Free range farm mom is now : The Country Homemaker and we have a new site address: www.thecountryhomemaker.com I am still working on Changing over all of the sites links & photos. So please bare with this busy mama! Hope you all will find the new name more fitting and this means a broader topic ground for me!


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