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After an awful year with math last year with a certain big name company I knew it was time to change our math program. This year Riley (4) is going to start kindergarten and Mason is at a 3rd grade level. We are doing primer & beta.

We were so excited to get our books! I.was nervous because the teachers manual contains ALOT of information. I thought to myself oh no, here we go again... Information overload! Once we started the program I haven't really had to follow it for the actual lesson because we watch to DVD but I do not suggest skipping it because it does contain some really cool tricks and tips throughout.

Breaking it down:

DVD: Easy to work the menu, navigate, etc. It is a little hard to hear on my (new) computer. We haven't tried in a regular DVD player but I wouldn't think it's a big change as Mr. Demme's voice is very mellow. He clicks with my son very well and he is able to sit thru the short lessons and research it if necessary very easily.

Teachers manual: I Love the quality of the hardback book. As stated above lots of information! Skim thru of it seems too much for you.

Student book & Test booklet:
Again, very well made. I love the binder holes prepunched. Easy to add as many worksheets and enrichment sheets as needed. We usually do a lesson a week and really make sure we have it down.

Love the way these work! They make this curriculum as great as it is. My son is dislexic and this makes so much sense to him. My 4 y.o understands them very easily too. They are very good quality as well!
We needed a box to store them in a scored this at Walmart for $4.99! ($DEAL$) It fits all the blocks perfectly & I love that it's see thru.

Over all This program is very well thought out. Each part works with the next. Mr
Demme's has solved many of the "why's" of math! Kids just get it! We are definitely a Math U See family from now on! I will post a lesson walk thru in a few weeks! Meanwhile, check out www.demmelearning.com  for more information all all levels & products! 

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