Tips to make the most of your NCHE conference weekend {Conference Giveaway Alert!}

Whether this is your first time at the NCHE Homeschool Conference or you have attended for years you are sure to get some good tips from this list. My husband is from Winston Salem and my sister in law still lives there. So lucky me I get to stay with her for free! I am so blessed to be apart of this years "Conference Blogging Team"! & So excited to give YOU a chance to win a FREE family registration conference package!

 This year's conference will be held at the Benton Convention Center in Winston Salem,NC 
On May 21-23 2015
In case you missed my last post about this awesome event check it out here >  "Calling All NC Homeschoolers"  

What to take into the conference:

* Rolling file cart or stroller- You will most likely be toting lots of personal things items (more on this below) Also, if you plan on visiting the vendor hall you may be making purchases or getting catalogs and information from vendors. Last year I tried a large beach bag and it was a huge pain in my shoulders as well as to drag around everywhere. Never. Again. I may just take the stroller this year since I will be nearly 30 weeks into this pregnancy at conference! Even if you are attending alone no one is going to look at you funny because you are pushing around a kid less stroller filled with books! I promise! If they are it because they wish they had thought of that! You can also purchase a fairly cheap file cart like this  or make your own!

* Dress in layers! Its cold in some rooms and hot in others. Always have a jacket handy!

*Take address labels with you that way want to enter giveaways available from the vendors or join a mailing list (be sure to include your email), you just stick the label on, and you are done! I had so many people complement me on this! Biggest time saver ever!

*Its a good idea to bring some snacks or even your own lunch. As well as a refillable water bottle or other beverage. There is a concession stand at the convention center but it gets pricey. You may get hungry before they break for lunch or just want to save $. 

*Pens,Highlighters,paper/notebooks and a clipboard. There's lots of info you will want to write down to look back over later so this is a top priority in my book. Also of you have a smartphone/camera or tablet(remember to bring your chargers in with you!) handy a lot of the speakers will have info on a power point screen. You can always snap a quick pic of the screen. They do not mind this but try not to let that flash go off its a distraction to others. 

* If you are planning on purchasing curriculum make sure you research and price out from different vendors and online vendors to get the best deal. The last day of conference a lot of them have big discounts. Make a list of things you need or companies you are interested in. The vendors are more than happy to answer any questions. 

*A folder of all you important paperwork. I put together a folder with my schedules I had printed as well as hotel & ticket registration information. That way it all was in one place when or if i needed it. Study the Schedule, Speakers, and Workshops. This is very important in getting the most out of your time and money. It is best to focus on things your household needs improvement on. I highlighted the ones I was interested in. 

 *Here is another thing I like to do. I print copies of the schedules and highlight everywhere i need to be at each time frame. This helps me keep track of my "free" time & the workshops i'd like to attend or narrow them down. You also see a copy of the program booklet they give you once you arrive, in this I highlighted the "final" choices I made. I did end up changing a few of these once I met some of the speakers but this did help me easily track where I needed to be/when. 

  Other Tips & information:

There is also many area restaurants within walking distance of the Benton Conv. Center. Some of my favorites are Mellow Mushroom Its a good walk but do-able. It does get busy during lunch.  Jimmy John's is another. They deliver and they are super quick & close. This is great if you have kids. There is also tropical smoothie cafe or Starbucks close by if you only want a small meal or snack. 

Make sure you being cash for parking or bus/cab fairs if your hotel doesn't cover it. Most parking decks are $3-6 per day. I'm sure some are higher and lower. This is why its best to stay close to downtown when eating and taking breaks from the conference because its very hard to find a good parking spot! 

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