FREE Dr. Seuss copywork

Do your kids love Dr. Seuss? Are you looking for some fun copywork ideas for their penmanship lessons? The Multi Taskin Mom has a great new set of FREE Dr. Seuss copywork printables that you’ll want to download today!


Calling all NC Homeschoolers!

It’s that time of year again! Conference season! So start researching curriculum and getting those pens/notepads ready!

  I have attended a few homeschool conferences but one I always plan on attending is The NCHE Homeschool Conference in Winston Salem, NC. This year it is known as Thrive! Doesn't that name say it all! As homeschool parents that is the one thing we wish for our children is to see them thrive! The registration prices are lower this year and you can get an even better deal by taking advantage of the Early Bird prices (through Feb 26). Most of us are on tight budgets & every penny counts right?

 I always leave with such inspiration and motivation to get organized, be a better mom and teacher, and of course grow closer to our Savior. Last year my favorite session was Amanda Wares "Homeschooling for preschool" This was my first year homeschooling a preschooler all by myself. I thought I had it all figured out but she gave the best HONEST advice a newbie could get! I have 2 pages of notes from this pinned to the wall behind my desk till this day! I had many other favorites like Andrew Pudewa and Diana Waring had me in tears on that last day! But enough about last year.

This year I am honored to be chosen to be on the 2015 NCHE bloggers team! This means throughout the conference I will be blogging, tweeting & instagraming my lil heart out, keeping you all updated & on the current happenings and tips for you in the days leading up to, during & after the conference! So be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss a thing!

      This year the lineup is stacked with some amazing people including Debra Bell, author of Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling & many more great books. I am looking forward to two of her sessions "Developing Motivation and Interest in Kids of All Ages" & "Education by Design: Understanding God’s Blueprint for Your Child” We also have Jon Erwin, writer/director best known for the movie "Mom's night Out". Jon is a homeschool graduate himself as well as Homeschool parent. He is a huge advocate for homeschooling & credits a big part of his success to being homeschooled. This is why I can’t wait to hear his session "Teaching Your Kids to Dream”.

   There are so many other great speakers and topics offered this year so be sure to check out the link below and get a head start on planning out your schedule today! I do believe this year will be the hardest for me to choose! I'm sure I will be purchasing lots of mp3s for the ones I will miss.
There are always so many things to take advantage of here besides the amazing speakers. The Children's Conference, Teen Activities, Graduation, the talent show. I have not personally experienced these but this year I may take my kids to the Children's Conference if they choose to. They usually like a weekend with dad! (And I don't mind a weekend away!) Either way there is sure to be something for each member of your family.

Then there’s the Massive 45,000 square foot Vendor Hall! Nearly every company you have heard of or may want to hear about will be there. Some even offer workshops and they are always willing to help you choose what suits your family’s needs. I will be posting more about this and other helpful tips in my upcoming post “Tips to make the most of your NCHE conference weekend” Also be sure to keep a watch for your chance to win a FREE family registration to this year's conference
Here is the link to the NCHE Conference where you will find tons of information and full schedules!


Valentines Fish Bowl Craft

Both the kiddos are working on projects this week. M's is on Alligators & R's is on fish. Since she is only 3/4 we are taking hers more lightly. So in the spirit of valentines, she wanted to make heart fish that she saw on tv. Our valentines decor is lacking so I thought it would be perfect to make a large fish bowl with our "fish" swimming around!

We took a sheet of red poster board that we had on hand and I just traced a "somewhat" shape of a fish bowl. The we added all of our "fish" & used pipe cleaners stapled to the board as plants and heart confetti we had for the "rocks" Hope you enjoy! You can do this anytime with any holiday or theme! Just play with it!  <3


Super Easy Mini Prayer Booklets

A few days ago, we finally made our prayer books! We've had these on our "wish to-do" list for a while now. They are not anything fancy...  They each chose the paper and opening style of there own. For R's We took one 8x11 sheet of paper and cut into 4 equal pieces then just stapled them together. For M's we cut it in half longways and places them together then folded & stapled. His opened from the bottom-up. Both of them wanted a rainbow (of one wants it the other usually does....) Riley wasn't happy about how hers turned out, so I printed one off and she glued it on over her other. -gotta keep em happy ;) -

Here's How We Use Em':
Each morning before we start school & before we pray I ask for there prayer requests. We write them down and update any previous. We also are working on praising God as much as trusting in him. So they write praise reports and things God has done for them. I let them choose who or what they pray for. Sometimes I gently remind them "do we have someone that's sick/in the hospital we know?. Or Is there someone who needs some encouragement? Riley's first request was to ask God to help her pray better. (melted my heart!) & Mason's was for  Mom & Dad. (We were both sick this day....) 

So far they are filling up and both learning about asking for gods help and giving them the glory and praise when good things happen. I plan on letting them take them to Church and use them there too. We can always add more pages or just date & file it. Hope this gives you some ideas on how to make & use your own prayer books. 

Next round we may do prettier & sturdier ones! If so I'll add tutorial here! I have some ideas using my binding machine!


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