Stir Crazy Homeschoolers

Its Cold out... The Flu is running rampant here and I am a Pregnant germaphobe (sp?) with morning sickness & other complications! Whats the result? Stir Crazy homeschoolers! This past Saturday we decided we were all going to get out of the house.
        I asked my 3 (nearly 4) year old daughter what she wanted to do today! Her reply *super excitedly* Clean & do school!!?! I looked at my husband & said "This child has GOT to get out of this house!" haha..So I actually put on jeans for what seems like the first time since Christmas and off we went to run errands and get lunch. I was thinking we would need so much more for the level of stir crazy I was but t my surprise I was content. We got a lot done the kiddos got out and we all had fun. They like being at home. Secretly I do too. But I will be glad when we can get back to our weekly lunch date,library & park trips! I am glad we decided to purchase new board games for them for Christmas they have been a lifesaver for us! What are some ideas to help me others through  the winter?

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