Organizing The Kids Books

I had gotten so frustrated trying to find certain books about a certain subject. So i decided to do something about it! We do not keep many in the school area most are in the kids rooms but these are holidays & topics we cover a lot of. I basically sorted them in the following categories the color labeled the area! We also have a bin in our reading area with readers and a place for library books(we use those more than these on this shelf) We have Animals - Fall/Halloween - Christmas/Winter - Bible/Manners -Rhyme/color/ABC - Insects/Nature - Easter/Spring - Summer/Exploring - Then we have everything else on the bottom! I cut construction paper into small strips and just used scotch tape to attach to the side so the kiddos can easily put them away! We've had this a few months now they are still in order and get took out everyday so we couldn't be happier about it! 

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