Trip to the NC Arboretum

We received tickets to the NC Arboretum thru a science project we did to go visit the science celebration expo. We arrived early that morning ready for fun! We hardly made it out of the car and the kids were picking up snails in the parking lot! They were so ready to explore! There were several companies there handing out freebies such weather charts,animal track cards & Electricity balls! Homeschool mom score! We did our research before hand and found that they had explorer packs to rent for free. Surprisingly there was plenty left! I suppose that many weren't aware they offered them!
 Our favorite exhibit was the dinosaurs! My daughter wouldn't go near them to get a photo but my son was all into them! They had a cool excavation dig area and a fossil area with real fossils!

 They also had nets for them to catch butterflies in the gardens! It was so sweet seeing all the laughing kids running around catching butterflies!

If you live in WNC take time to visit the arboretum soon!!!
 Heres a link to their site: http://www.ncarboretum.org/ 

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