Thanksgiving week kick off

Ahhh...I can almost smell the turkey and stuffing in the oven...the sound of can openers opening the cranberry sauce and my siblings and I arguing over who made the best dessert! But not so fast! We still have 3 more days! We decided to continue school this week with Thurs. And Friday off. We are super close to our 100 days of school and I want to hit that marker before Christmas break if possible! Since it IS a holiday week we are going to do a lighter version of school this week lots of crafts and fun learning! We are studying native Americans so we will spend the week making necklaces with clay pendants, rainsticks & finishing our native American lapbook! I will be posting all of these activities once we have done them! I know a lot of you "unplug" over the break so we would like to wish all of our readers a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!
The Wards

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