Menu (Madness) Monday

Every ones Monday's are a whirlwind it seems. My Mondays are my grocery/errands day. I also go to a diabetes prevention class at the local YMCA. In the spring time we will be at co-op most of the day! My husband also has fire dept training on these days! So dinner is always something quick and easy. i try to plan out our meals ahead of time to save time,money and stress. Also to make sure we eat healthy well rounded meals. Here's our weekly menu:

Monday- Spaghetti( i make a homemade "hybrid" sauce) and cheese bread
Tuesday- Grilled Chicken, Grilled corn on the cob ,baked potatoes.
Wednesday- Crock pot beef stew with carrots & potatoes. We usually do mac & cheese for the kids and some sort of rolls.
Thursday- Chicken stir fry! a family fave.
Friday- Well its my birthday so hubs is taking me out but the kids will have chicken strips and mac & cheese ready for them.

Breakfast options this week:
mini sausage biscuits
pancakes & sausage
Livermush & eggs (we live in the town where hunter's livermush is made so we all grew up on it! lol

Lunch options for myself are usually a salad or a quick sandwich. If we have leftovers i may dig in to that too!
The kiddos- This week i found fresh fish sticks on sale for $3 for a huge box at bilo. So they have those tons of fruit and veggie snacks as well as sandwiches. Pretty basic! What are your family favorites & staples?

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