Indian rain/talking sticks!

Today was busier than I expected but we got our rain sticks or talking sticks done! I found an image on teachkidsart.com I'm sure they have more directions if you need them! The kids are loving them!

Supplies Needed for 1:
-1 Paper towel tube
-Tin foil approximately the length of the paper towel roll.
-4-6 feathers
-20 beads
-20 in of string cut in half
-2 4x4 in squares of brown paper bag or card stock for the ends
-1/2-1 cup rice

How we did it:
First let the kiddos decorate the tube with markers. While they are doing that you can be getting your supplies ready.

Then take the tinfoil and roll it up lengthwise to the paper towel tube and insert in the tube.
Then take one if the squares and poke a hole in the center take 1 string, thread thru & tie a bead on the end as a stopper(the bead side goes inside the tube so color doesn't matter)

Place the paper square around the end of the tube and tape around

Pour rice in and do the same to the other end.

Next thread 9 beads onto string then double or triple knot.

Gather 3 feathers making sure the hard ends are together. Make another knot but this time stick the feathers thru circle before you close knot. Do the same to the other end & that's it! Please comment with any questions!

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