Great site for kids!

I recently (and reluctantly) made my son, a 1st grader an account on abcmouse.com to help him with his reading. well to my surprise its geared ONLY towards Preschoolers and kindergartners and NOTHING what i was looking for!
But wait...there's something better! WAY better and partially free!
I am so happy to say (thanks to a friend!) i have found an amazing site for printables ,games,coloring pages crafts and all great quality and age/grade appropriate. (and they cater to baby's thru high school!) My favorite is "Brainzy" games for early readers which is JUST what the teacher ordered for my son :)  I haven't had much time to "explore" the whole site because theres so much neat stuff on it! However it is my new go-to site :) Esp. with winter break coming up! http://www.education.com/ its not really geared towards teachers at all as some sites ive found too its really for parents use! :) Happy Educating!

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