Indian rain/talking sticks!

Today was busier than I expected but we got our rain sticks or talking sticks done! I found an image on teachkidsart.com I'm sure they have more directions if you need them! The kids are loving them!

Supplies Needed for 1:
-1 Paper towel tube
-Tin foil approximately the length of the paper towel roll.
-4-6 feathers
-20 beads
-20 in of string cut in half
-2 4x4 in squares of brown paper bag or card stock for the ends
-1/2-1 cup rice

How we did it:
First let the kiddos decorate the tube with markers. While they are doing that you can be getting your supplies ready.

Then take the tinfoil and roll it up lengthwise to the paper towel tube and insert in the tube.
Then take one if the squares and poke a hole in the center take 1 string, thread thru & tie a bead on the end as a stopper(the bead side goes inside the tube so color doesn't matter)

Place the paper square around the end of the tube and tape around

Pour rice in and do the same to the other end.

Next thread 9 beads onto string then double or triple knot.

Gather 3 feathers making sure the hard ends are together. Make another knot but this time stick the feathers thru circle before you close knot. Do the same to the other end & that's it! Please comment with any questions!


Thanksgiving week kick off

Ahhh...I can almost smell the turkey and stuffing in the oven...the sound of can openers opening the cranberry sauce and my siblings and I arguing over who made the best dessert! But not so fast! We still have 3 more days! We decided to continue school this week with Thurs. And Friday off. We are super close to our 100 days of school and I want to hit that marker before Christmas break if possible! Since it IS a holiday week we are going to do a lighter version of school this week lots of crafts and fun learning! We are studying native Americans so we will spend the week making necklaces with clay pendants, rainsticks & finishing our native American lapbook! I will be posting all of these activities once we have done them! I know a lot of you "unplug" over the break so we would like to wish all of our readers a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!
The Wards


All about air ( fun games too!)

Today we learned about air. We discussed gases (carbon dioxide & oxygen) then we played different games! We took a 2 liter bottle and some tiny paper balls and had to "shoot" the air out to get the ball in the candy bowl. If they got it in they got candy. We also tried blowing it in a tube they couldn't blow it out of the other end so they really had to focus on how hard to blow. They had a great time with this! Actually they are still in there playing!


Menu (Madness) Monday

Every ones Monday's are a whirlwind it seems. My Mondays are my grocery/errands day. I also go to a diabetes prevention class at the local YMCA. In the spring time we will be at co-op most of the day! My husband also has fire dept training on these days! So dinner is always something quick and easy. i try to plan out our meals ahead of time to save time,money and stress. Also to make sure we eat healthy well rounded meals. Here's our weekly menu:

Monday- Spaghetti( i make a homemade "hybrid" sauce) and cheese bread
Tuesday- Grilled Chicken, Grilled corn on the cob ,baked potatoes.
Wednesday- Crock pot beef stew with carrots & potatoes. We usually do mac & cheese for the kids and some sort of rolls.
Thursday- Chicken stir fry! a family fave.
Friday- Well its my birthday so hubs is taking me out but the kids will have chicken strips and mac & cheese ready for them.

Breakfast options this week:
mini sausage biscuits
pancakes & sausage
Livermush & eggs (we live in the town where hunter's livermush is made so we all grew up on it! lol

Lunch options for myself are usually a salad or a quick sandwich. If we have leftovers i may dig in to that too!
The kiddos- This week i found fresh fish sticks on sale for $3 for a huge box at bilo. So they have those tons of fruit and veggie snacks as well as sandwiches. Pretty basic! What are your family favorites & staples?

5 Things I wish I'd known BEFORE homeschooling

Ok first off, I did TONS of research on homeschooling before we decided to pull our then 1st grader out of public school. Not for the pros and cons or the reasons why I should. We knew all that. We knew its what we were going to do. My husband was home schooled so that made our decision easier. I was researching how to be the "perfect" home school mom. Since then I have came back to real life, so here's a list of my 5 things I wish I'd known!

1-I wish I'd known that Pintrest & 10 min You tube videos aren't always a reality.
   Don't get me wrong i am a fanatic. I get so much inspiration and motivation from both but I looked at those sweet patient mommas with toddlers sitting quietly playing so well while she breastfed a newborn that she had like 2 minutes ago as she was making a video of her gorgeously organized home school room tour decked out in the latest Ikea trofast system storage. Yeah...I went there. Don't lie...you were probably thinking the same. I have since learned that school happens in all places and ways. Those mamas are going thru the hard times too. Let's give her props for pulling the messy hair up and getting a great video out for us!

2- I wish I'd known i didn't HAVE to have an all in one curriculum or even one at all.
My husband came from what i call a "Abeka Family" they bought everything for that grade and went by the book. I spent many weeks trying to figure out what we could afford. Then I came across a blog speaking on the subject. I was so relieved. I know so many home school families that follow every page and are miserable. I eventually found Easy Peasy free online homeschool http://allinonehomeschool.com/ . I felt like i had been under a rock! I immediately started it with my 3 year old daughter. For our son we use a little of this & that. More on that later.

3-I wish I'd known that it isn't all fun, games, painting and projects with math & reading thrown in here and there throughout the day. I love being a kid! I love getting messy in the paint & doing cool projects with my kiddos, but it isn't a reality. We are lucky to fit one activity in a week where we can just have fun. Don't get me wrong we do have fun everyday. I make every subject fun and as interactive as possible but its alot of work to get everything out and organized to extra everyday. My 3 yo does get to play a lot in her work boxes (play dough,bead stringing,etc)

4- I wish I'd known that I would have to "DeSchool" my son.
I had no idea that deschooling was all about letting them get used to be at home & get into a new routine. I didn't realize how important it was for both of us. He was home all summer so i just assumed that was good enough. Poor guy missed his friends and didn't understand how to learn new easier ways that i was trying to teach him. I failed to think that its all new to him. He was used to a very structured environment to learn in. I wanted to cry every time we would start math & he would zone out. Now just a few months later he is calm cool and collected. He brags about being homeschooled. His confidence is up and he's thriving! Take time to be gentle and understanding in those first few weeks. Maybe just read a few books together and do some puzzles!
5-I wish I'd known that other moms are just like me & some days everything just doesn't get done. 
We all try to be perfect in our on little ways. We try to please everyone. My husband likes every subject done each day for both kids. I still cringe a little when my 3 year old says she played on the ipad all day(she does starfall lol) and colored a few pictures when he asks the kids what they learned today because the house was a wreck and my son needed a little more time with me that day. Thankfully he now gets it too. We can try our best and that's all we can hope for!

I hope these help you a little and if they did please share & subscribe to my blog! It would be so appreciated! Thanks & God Bless!


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