Halloween Day fun without trick or treating!

This halloween we decided against trick-or-treating. It was cold and there was so much bad stories going around on the news we didn't want to chance it. We thought about how we could give the kids a memorable night. We came up with some snack foods they loved. I did the mini mummy dogs,marshmallow ghosts,cupcakes,witch brooms out of string cheese & pretzel sticks, Taco dip, chips & dip!

We also had some movies we had recorded & candy of course! I set up activities for them they included a bubble box filled with all sorts of fun things to use to blow bubbles,a craft table where they could glitter,glue and cut to their hearts content, a gak making station, & silly string. While they done the stations i played halloween music classics such as the purple people eater & Witch doctor, Both favorites of theirs! They both dressed up my daughter was Elsa i handmade her costume with no pattern in a few hours thanks to a friend & Mason my son was a police officer. He decided last minute & made the costume himself! lol We did take them to my husbands fire station and let them get candy and give out some too! They thought that was awesome to get to hand it out! All in all it was a Spooktacular night! 


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