Easy snack system for hungry little ones & busy mama's!

My kiddos are constantly eating us out of house and home. My kids get 3 meals a day and 2 snacks but they wanted to snack all day as well! There always in the pantry or fridge munching on something. It was costing us ALOT and it wasn't healthy for them to eat junk all day. So I had tons of these containers i got at the dollar tree a while back and decided to put them to use. I bought mostly healthy snacks and filled each with 2 choices. Each day, each kid gets one to eat on all day. So far this has worked great for us! Some of the items I put in them are raisins,grapes.fruit cups,go gurt,cheese its,craisins,nuts.cheese & crackers,and sometimes a sweet treat if i have any on hand. Hope you get some inspiration with this if you are having this issue as well! 

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