Homeschool name decision **GIVEAWAY!**

In North Carolina as a homeschool your required to have a name for your school and you're not allowed to change it...never ever. In just a few short months I'll have to make that decision. To be honest with you I dread it, sure it's just a name who's going to see it right? I'll tell you who colleges, potential employers, and their diplomas. We love our faith, farming and anything outdoors, but I don't think my now 7 year old son when he goes for a job interview would appreciate that i named our school something like "in the woods Academy" Or "little disciples academy" lol My husband was home schooled his school name was Gail Ridge Christian Academy named after the street where he live. Pretty & professional right? Here's my idea, Linville Valley Christian Academy. Linville is our road name & i have to have christian academy in it. Has a nice ring to it right? my husband disagrees. He says we do not live in the valley but yet we're not on the mountain, we live at the bottom of the mountain so technically aren't we in the valley? So unless he decides to see it my way it will be Linville Christian Academy.  If you have one what is your school name? 3 lucky followers will will a FREE homeschool decal! You choose color! You MUST follow me on blogger & comment :) Contest ends Friday May 16th 10 pm est. Winners will be notified via email. Enter at the Rafflecopter gadget at the bottom of the page! Good luck!!!


  1. The name of our homeschool officially is " Arrowood Academy "



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