Apple crate shelf

We were outside working on building the goats run in shed and I got to snooping around my back building and found these Apple crates my husband had made many moons ago then found this cute chair as well... I couldn't wait to get them in the house! Originally my plan was to just use them to store throws in the living room because my kids are throw/blanket hoarders! I got to playing around with them and fell in love with my shelf and chair together, added a few personal touches and ta da! :) can't wait to get started on my pallet wall pieces to match!


Great site for kids!

I recently (and reluctantly) made my son, a 1st grader an account on abcmouse.com to help him with his reading. well to my surprise its geared ONLY towards Preschoolers and kindergartners and NOTHING what i was looking for!
But wait...there's something better! WAY better and partially free!
I am so happy to say (thanks to a friend!) i have found an amazing site for printables ,games,coloring pages crafts and all great quality and age/grade appropriate. (and they cater to baby's thru high school!) My favorite is "Brainzy" games for early readers which is JUST what the teacher ordered for my son :)  I haven't had much time to "explore" the whole site because theres so much neat stuff on it! However it is my new go-to site :) Esp. with winter break coming up! http://www.education.com/ its not really geared towards teachers at all as some sites ive found too its really for parents use! :) Happy Educating!


Homeschool name decision **GIVEAWAY!**

In North Carolina as a homeschool your required to have a name for your school and you're not allowed to change it...never ever. In just a few short months I'll have to make that decision. To be honest with you I dread it, sure it's just a name who's going to see it right? I'll tell you who colleges, potential employers, and their diplomas. We love our faith, farming and anything outdoors, but I don't think my now 7 year old son when he goes for a job interview would appreciate that i named our school something like "in the woods Academy" Or "little disciples academy" lol My husband was home schooled his school name was Gail Ridge Christian Academy named after the street where he live. Pretty & professional right? Here's my idea, Linville Valley Christian Academy. Linville is our road name & i have to have christian academy in it. Has a nice ring to it right? my husband disagrees. He says we do not live in the valley but yet we're not on the mountain, we live at the bottom of the mountain so technically aren't we in the valley? So unless he decides to see it my way it will be Linville Christian Academy.  If you have one what is your school name? 3 lucky followers will will a FREE homeschool decal! You choose color! You MUST follow me on blogger & comment :) Contest ends Friday May 16th 10 pm est. Winners will be notified via email. Enter at the Rafflecopter gadget at the bottom of the page! Good luck!!!


We ALL fall short, We all have a past!

Doesn't everyone have a past? Don't we ALL fall short of the Lord? Yes!!! I had the privilege of going out Friday to see the new movie "Moms Night Out" Its not advertised as "Faith Based Movie" but it should be :) What a blessing! I laughed,cried and learned life lessons in just a few short hours. (plus the producers were/are homeschoolers...Score!) But that along with a chat with a friend made me think...We ALL fall short, We all have a past! We do, each and every one of us. We try to please our kids our husbands,our pastor,church members,in laws,friends,ourselves. Sometimes we try to be someone we aren't or worse because of our "past" we do not feel worthy for the Lords blessings. I got news for you...You are. We all are! Why do we do that to ourselves? why do we try to be someone we are not? Judgement. The bible says in Luke 6:37 - "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:" We are so afraid of what everyone is going to think but why? we all come short. There's that saying "Don't judge me because i sin differently than you" and I'm a firm believer in that! Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;. I could post verse after verse about judging others & our past sins! but i wont today anyway lol Lets all try to be a little more forgiving and loving and less bitter & judgmental. Don't go on what someone was like in high school or you that seen them out drinking a beer 2 yrs ago. Just examples. God may be trying to work in your life & you keep pushing someone away, not letting them OR God in. Examine your lives and always remember We all have a past! May God bless each one of you! Thank you and please subscribe to my blog, i don't post often just yet but would love to have you here :) ~Haley


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