Making butter by hand!

I suppose I've always had a desire to make butter...I remember making zip lock bag ice cream in school it was my favorite day ever! Then in highschool I took an Appalachian lit. Class. We learned how to make string beans,canning and jams.. yup, my love started there haha...anywho I always wanted to make homemade butter but thought it would be so hard *I was thinking churning... lol here's a much easier method using only a mason jar & heavy whipping cream (which we keep so much of make my super easy 2 ingredient biscuits you can find HERE

Get any size jar I like a pint jar and fill halfway with cream set it out to get to room temp. It will make it a lot quicker and easier if its not chilling cold...

Now....channel your inner Luke Bryan and sing....*Country girl Shake it it for me girl shake it for me*.....this will make the next 5 min fly by lol you will shake vigorously (taking breaks as needed) about 5-6 min total id say. The cream will turn to whipped cream with a good bit of liquid left.. like this>
Then all if a sudden it starts to crumble a bit then turns yellow and smooths out
Strain the buttermilk off and save for later if you want. Turn butter onto wood surface and pat the excess liquid off then place on wax paper and salt to taste if wanted ,roll up and refrigerate :)

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