Elf on the Shelf Over 10 Ideas Under 5 min or less!

 Jingle A. Bell (yes he has a WHOLE name....lol has made our house extra fun this year! Our kids love him to pieces and i like coming up with fun places for him to "land" Heres a few that we have done so far!

Day 1- Our kids were with us when we "adopted" him so he sat in his box for a few weeks until Santa told us it was time to open him...When we went to open him much to our suprise he was gone! But we need to read the book and name him! 

Day 2- When we woke up the next day he was on the office table and had written a note saying he LOVED his name....later that day he got into the clementines (this is what i used for the bed later on) and then a mcd's holiday pie...lol

Day 3- My son mason was out of school and wanted to go to work with daddy...you get to ride horses when u go to work with daddy :) so Jingles was caught sitting on the saddle on the mantel :)
Day 4- (Thanksgiving Day) He was reading Thanksgiving books to some friends! 
Day 5- He cut the fabric for our stockings :)
Day 6- He was sledding on our tree!

Day 7 - He was looking at our anniversary pics (it was our 8 yr anniversary that day)
Day 8 -He had a snowball fight with frosty!

 Day 9- He stuck bows all over the TV! and my sons backpack! we decided to keep them there...at least for now lol Sry for the bad pics...i swear ill get better at this lol

Day 10- He made himself a bed and was very tired from having to leave so late to go back to see Santa..."He" did this by taking a clementine carton and turning upside down and painting.. he added felt then a pillow made from tissue and a blanket out of scrap fabric and a cute felt snowflake sticker. The kids plan to decorate this more sat. like add his name etc. :) 
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