A quick easy weeknight meal

Its nothing fancy...really but its a decent combination of what my lil family wanted tonight :)
Fried Cabbage and Smoked sausage
Cheesy Garlic Homemade Biscuits
& Homemade ranch pasta salad :)

Heres the link to my biscuit recipe
 ...to make these i simply just added shredded cheese and garlic salt :) no exact measuring here with any of these. Once you make the biscuits using my recipe a time or 2 you will know about how much cream to flour ratio you need! But i do have some photos to go with it this time around :) ORIGINAL> http://freerangefarmmom.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-best-2-ingredient-homemade-biscuit.html

all i did for this was shed the cabbage add cut up smoked sausage and a small spoonful of bacon grease..southern gold...lol i cooked this until the cabbage is wilted and the sausage warm/hot about 10 min or so.. med-hi heat
Mix all the ingredients in the original recipe EXCEPT SALT then add 1 c of cheese ( i use finely shredded Colby jack) and a shake or 2 of garlic salt. Start mixing gently with your hands

Flour your surface pat out your dough or roll it and cut out your biscuits...
 Place on you pan touching and mop with butter and sprinkle with garlic salt..LIGHTLY!
Bake 8-10 min @500F Then brush with melted butter again right out of the oven and serve :)
Now to the Ranch pasta salad ..
boil 1/2 box of your favorite pasta we use rontini. and rinse with cold water and drain. 
In a small bowl mix 1/2 packet of ranch dressing mix with 3 spoons of mayo and just enough milk to get a creamy thin mixture. you dont want it runny but you want it thin..then mix the mixture and  cheese and salt/pepper to your liking and mix well!

The Next day me and my daughter mixed in a little more shredded cheese and ham and warmed this up for lunch! It was divine! :)


  1. Thank you for sharing this good recipie with us. I would definitely try this out. It seems to be really very delicious. Thanks for the share.

  2. That is the perfect quick dinner. But still i think it needs some preparations. Best part is i think it can be restored for future in the refrigerator.



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