Great site for kids of all ages! Esp. School age :)

I recently (and reluctantly) made my son, a 1st grader an account on abcmouse.com to help him with his reading. well to my surprise its geared ONLY towards Preschoolers and kindergartners and NOTHING what i was looking for!
But wait...there's something better! WAY better and partially free!
I am so happy to say (thanks to a friend!) i have found an amazing site for printables ,games,coloring pages crafts and all great quality and age/grade appropriate. (and they cater to baby's thru high school!) My favorite is "Brainzy" games for early readers which is JUST what the teacher ordered for my son :)  I haven't had much time to "explore" the whole site because there's so much neat stuff on it! However it is my new go-to site :) Esp. with winter break coming up! http://www.education.com/ its not really geared towards teachers at all as some sites ive found too its really for parents use! :) Happy Educating!

What jingles has been up to....

So the past few days jingles our elf has wanted pancakes , wrapped himself up and tp'd our tree lol just thought I'd share what the lil guy has been up too! Only two more weeks ppl! Lol


Elf on the Shelf Over 10 Ideas Under 5 min or less!

 Jingle A. Bell (yes he has a WHOLE name....lol has made our house extra fun this year! Our kids love him to pieces and i like coming up with fun places for him to "land" Heres a few that we have done so far!

Day 1- Our kids were with us when we "adopted" him so he sat in his box for a few weeks until Santa told us it was time to open him...When we went to open him much to our suprise he was gone! But we need to read the book and name him! 

Day 2- When we woke up the next day he was on the office table and had written a note saying he LOVED his name....later that day he got into the clementines (this is what i used for the bed later on) and then a mcd's holiday pie...lol

Day 3- My son mason was out of school and wanted to go to work with daddy...you get to ride horses when u go to work with daddy :) so Jingles was caught sitting on the saddle on the mantel :)
Day 4- (Thanksgiving Day) He was reading Thanksgiving books to some friends! 
Day 5- He cut the fabric for our stockings :)
Day 6- He was sledding on our tree!

Day 7 - He was looking at our anniversary pics (it was our 8 yr anniversary that day)
Day 8 -He had a snowball fight with frosty!

 Day 9- He stuck bows all over the TV! and my sons backpack! we decided to keep them there...at least for now lol Sry for the bad pics...i swear ill get better at this lol

Day 10- He made himself a bed and was very tired from having to leave so late to go back to see Santa..."He" did this by taking a clementine carton and turning upside down and painting.. he added felt then a pillow made from tissue and a blanket out of scrap fabric and a cute felt snowflake sticker. The kids plan to decorate this more sat. like add his name etc. :) 
Any questions just ask! :) Don't forget to PIN it & share on Facebook! Keep checking back for more Elf ideas! Remember we are a fairly new blog working on building our subscribers up! Please help us by subscribing to post on this blog!


Stop Bullying! This news anchor tells it like it is!

So blog worthy! I came across this video this morning. I couldn't believe a GROWN MAN was so childish. This beautiful lady needs to the spokesperson for anti bullying. Im sure all of us have been bullied at some point in our lives whether the person doing it realized it or not.   How do you feel about this?

Check out http://www.stopbullying.gov/ and talk to your kids...and grown family about bullying as well! Dont forget to subscribe to my new blog you cant just follow me you have to subscribe to my post ABOVE my photo on the right under subscribe! :)


Meet The Farm & Family!

This is me Haley :) I am a crafty mom,wife and business owner as well as a true country girl! I own my own business which you can check out here > www.facebook.com/countrycreationsnc My hobbies& interest are farming,gardening,simple southern cooking, dieting and creating healthy southern alternatives and spending time with my awesome family! My style is country chic & blingy western style! 
Heres my Husband , Josh.. the true cowboy...:) I met him at a rodeo almost 10 yrs ago now :) He is a former bull rider(and tries to come out of retirement all the time ....i wont allow it haha) He also competes in cutting horse events thru local and AQHA events :) He also enjoys hutning,fishing and farming!  
Heres our oldest son, Mason Lane (yes hes named after a mason jar and Lane Frost ) lol He will be 7 in May 2014 He Loves Riding horses and calves, hunting and fishing and wants to be a professional bass fisherman and cutter(cattle cutting horses) when he grows up! 
 And here's my baby girl Riley Briar who will be 3 in Feb 2014 :) She loves Horses,Chickens,Dogs and bear hunting! She wants to be a Horse vet when she grows up!

Together we raise our own garden and meat. Where my husband works we have over 30 black angus cattle all grass fed. Free range chickens and goats as well as a hog or two seasonally. We are working on getting our certifications to sale our grass fed/free range meats and cant wait to expand our farm! We make some of the best homemade pork sausage! We grow and can/freeze over 15 different vegetables and fruits each year and i cant wait to share some of my recipes with you all! Between the house and the ranch we also have 13 horses 1 pony 1 donkey and 1 mule. 5 hound dogs and 2 blue heelers! 

A new journey!

I am SO excited to finally start blogging! I am working on a "Meet the Farm" post so you all can get to know all my family and animals! Thank you all for checking this out and please remember to *follow* me by clicking the g+ follow button to the right> of this post under my photo :) I will be covering Life on the farm,raising your own meat and crops,farming tips,canning and gardening,crafting,raising kids to love the simple things in life,cooking,exercising & diet and so much more!


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